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What is Scientology, you ask? Some say The Church of Scientology is a religion. Some call it a cult devoted to its late founder L. Ron Hubbard. Others say the Church (a.k.a. Co$) is a money-grubbing scam. My wife and I were in the "Church" for a few years in the early 80's. I completed a few courses and came away poorer but wiser. Both my wife and I drifted away from the Church, never knowing the darker, sinister side of of the organization with which we had associated.

I became involved with Scientology once again when a friend, who happens to be a pilot, showed me a Usenet quote about DC-8s being part of the Scientology religion. The quote referenced a newsgroup described as "The Mother of All Flame Wars", alt.religion.scientology. The DC-8s turned out to be part of the Church's Operating Thetan Level Three, a "scripture" so secret that it's protected by both copyright AND trade secret law. Incidently, it also costs in excess of $100,000 to become qualified to take this course, which may also explain the Church's displeasure with those who dare post its S0op3r Se3Kr1T SaY-KruD Skr1ptO0Rs. In Karin Spaink's summary of OT3, the DC-8 is controlled by a "pilot saying he is mocking it up". Fair Use doctrine prohibits a more extensive quote by Karin, however postings of OT3 by "Scamizdat" on a.r.s have made OT3 and other Hubbard whisperings as perennial (and difficult to eradicate) as dandelions. So much for Trade Secrets, eh?

Scientology Harrasses A.R.S. Critics

a.r.s is not a newsgroup for the casual Web Surfer. I have personally received a legal threat from the Co$ attorney for a post I made to a.r.s. The "Church" harrasses critics and has sued netizens Dennis Erlich, Grady Ward, Kieth Henson, and others. The "Church" has even gone as far as the Netherlands and most recently Sweden to prosecute alleged copyright violators. Dennis and others have had their homes raided and private property siezed by the "Church", which uses civil tort law originally meant for businesses, and violates the privacy of United States (and now Swedish) citizens.

Do you think you have rights under the 4th Amendment? Sadly, the answer is "no". The vehicle for this travesty is called an "ex-parte seizure". It is done behind the victim's back (that's what "ex-parte" means) to sieze "the means of production", which in earlier times meant a printing press. Now that home PCs are the printing press and the Internet is the paper, unscrupulous businesses can raid your home if they can convince a judge they have a reasonable chance of prevailing on the merits of a copyright claim. So, be careful what you quote on the Internet, especially on a.r.s.

Perry on Scientology, a Critical View

Co$ responds to criticism with a variety of standard phrases. Some of these are: (of course, if you supply real data in context, you are violating a copyright and get sued.)

I and other ex-scientologists have written their first hand accounts of their time in Scientology. Don't just take my word for it; watch the systemic pattern of false promises, abuse, and corruption emerge.

The a.r.s. Central Committee

ARSCC Logo The Church of Scientology, reflecting the paranoia of it's founder, L. Ron Hubbard, looks for a conspiracy behind the anarchy of critics on a.r.s. The netizens of a.r.s complied by forming the fictitious ARS Central Committee. This longest-running troll on a.r.s. even caught the Scientology lawyers! Kieth Henson give them a free clue while under oath at a deposition in RTC vs. Henson. All the lawyers really had to do is take a look at Marina Chong's ARSCC archives. Since the Church, lacking a sense of humor, may still take the ARSCC seriously and bring a RICO suit against those claiming to be part of the "conspiracy", all members must put "fictitious" or "non-existent" in front of "ARSCC", per ARSCC Communications I/C Order 10.4.

As an ad-hoc organization, the members of the non-existent ARSCC are free to create new committees and subcommittees on a whim. The result in some ways reflects the corporate structure of the Church of Scientology. For example, the author of this page has claimed to be Director of the non-existent ARSCC R&D Lab. I have a staff of one, although I often collaborate with other a.r.s. netizens. Our research into neural networks has resulted in the Koos Unit, one of the more whacked-out posters on a.r.s., who claims to audit the spirit of the long-dead L. Ron. Hubbard. His ramblings are a warning to anyone wanting to get involved with the Co$.

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