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This web site was created to promote the scholarly study of the beliefs and practices of Dianetics and Scientology. The "Church" of Scientology is less than forthcoming in revealing its entire belief structure to the general public. Scientology publicly claims to be an "applied religious philosophy", as well as being compatible with other religious belief systems. However, the private upper levels of Scientology introduce many concepts that stretch the definition of "compatible", and L. Ron Hubbard says many uncomplimentary things about religion in general and Christianity in particular. This website explores the beliefs and practices of Scientology, then compares those beliefs and practices to those of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and Buddhism.

Introduction - "You are here." A thumbnail sketch of Dianetics and Scientology.
Dianetics Doctrine - in-depth about Dianetics, "the Modern Science of Mental Health".
Metamorphosis to Religion - the "Modern Science" becomes New Age "religion".
Scientology Doctrine - "The Tech": beliefs, cosmology, and ceremonies.
Scientology Practice - A tree is known by its fruit.
Scientology and Religion in General - Scientology teaches that religion is a false memory.
Hubbard Maligns Buddhism - the (apparently) poor cousin of Scientology
Scientology and Islam - Scientology is opposed to the God of Abraham, Mohammed, and Islam.
Scientology and Judaism - becoming God through Scientology
Scientology and Christianity - Scientology doctrine, Christian heresies.


Dianetics and Scientology were developed by pulp science-fiction author L. Ron Hubbard. Dianetics started as a "science of mind", a self-help therapy that was developed during the heady days of scientific advancement after World War II. Hubbard, through dubious research technique, used a crude lie detector ("electropsychometer" or "E-meter" [15]) to find "engrams" which he claimed caused many psychological ills. These engrams were found through a process called "auditing", wherein the subject answered questions while having their body resistance measured. The E-meter detects small changes in body resistance, which Hubbard claimed was caused by the movement of mental images being recalled by the subject.

Dianetics became a New Age "religion" when Hubbard's subjects began recalling incidents from past lifetimes. Hubbard reasoned that auditing Past Lives was dealing with an immortal spirit (or thetan as Hubbard called it), therefore Scientology was a religion. While Scientology publicly claims to simply be a brand-new deity-free philosophy (and therefore compatible with any religion), its roots can be traced to old-fashioned Middle Eastern spiritualism, occult magick, and gnosticism.

Prior studies by Scientology's apologists tend to limit themselves to analysis of the superficial information presented in Scientology's glossy brochures. A serious discussion of Scientology should include all significant beliefs.

Significant Beliefs

Clear Cognition. A major milestone in Dianetic auditing, which Hubbard claimed increased IQ, social skills and problem solving abilities. "Clear occurs when one stops mocking up bank [reactive mind, engrams], or realizes he is doing it." - HCOB Sep 24, 1978 IV

Goals Problem Masses. At one time a part of pre-OT3 auditing. Some of these GPMs are found in the Fishman Affidavit, which is available almost everywhere on the Web. GPMs were discontinued at the OT levels when Hubbard developed OT3.

Xenu. Revealed in OT3 ("very space opera") as the evil emperor of the Galactic Confederation who is responsible for most of Earth's problems. Nearest Christian equivalent is "Satan". Currently resides in an electronic trap inside a mountain.

Body Thetans [BTs]. Spirits of people killed by Xenu who were then given false memories (the R6 implant). These spirits, both individually and in clusters, plague the inhabitants of Earth. Nearest Christian equivalent is "demons". OT Levels 3 through 7 deal with exorcising BTs.

Operating Thetans. Scientologists who have been cleared of body thetans. Hubbard claimed they could control Matter, Energy, Space, and Time. Nearest Christian equivalent is "God".

OT End Phenomena. According to NOTs (New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans, a collection of super-secret Scientology documents available for about $60 from the Swedish Justice Ministry), an Operating Thetan is "at cause" over Matter, Energy, Space, and Time. The OT also perceives their body to be transparent, since there are no BTs attached to it.

Hidden Practices

In its hidden beliefs and practices, Scientology differentiates itself from all religious belief systems. Hidden from public view are certain social-control practices such as:

Disconnection. Shunning. If the Scientologist chooses to leave the group, all other Scientologists who have social or business contacts effectively exile the departing Scientologist. In a xenuphobic, high-control group such as Scientology, the effect can be devastating. For example, a businessman who employs and sells to Scientologists loses both employees and customers, as well as many of their friends.

Suppressive Person Declarations [SP]. According to Hubbard, 2.5% of the population is completely insane and bent on the destruction of other people, as well as Scientology. If Scientology is able to "Clear the Planet", SPs will "be disposed of quietly and without sorrow".

Fair Game. Enemies of Scientology may be "lied to, tricked, injured, or destroyed." by other Scientologists. Ex-Scientologists may be declared SP, as well as Disconnected.

Potential Trouble Source [PTS]. A Scientologist who may be trouble for Scientology. A step on the road to SP. A PTS may not receive Scientology services, which prevent advancement on The Bridge (salvation), so finding the source of the trouble becomes a priority.

Rehabilitation Project Force [RPF]. The RPF is Scientology's Gulag for staff members who don't measure up to management's expectations. Human rights abuses are common.

Vilification of Psychiatry . Hubbard's "Science of Mind" was spurned by the medical community, but Hubbard imagined a conspiracy of evil reincarnating psychiatrists from other planets that have imprisoned Mankind for millenia. See, the Scientology front group that will destroy psychiatry.

Introspection Rundown (IR). When a member suffers a psychotic episode (which can occur during auditing), the member is kept in isolation and forcibly restrained if necessary. The IR is the practice of psychiatry without a license. Lisa McPherson needlessly died while on the Introspection Rundown.

Purification Rundown. The stated purpose of the PRD is to remove accumulated toxins from the body. In reality, it is a a toxic dose of niacin, calcium, and magnesium coupled with the dehydration of running and saunas. Due to excessive niacin consumption, liver damage is an all-to-common occurrence. Dehydration and excess minerals disrupt the body's electrolyte balance.

Treatment of Children and Families. Scientology is more important than families. Children do not produce income for Scientology, and are treated as parasites. Sea Org parents see their children for one hour per day or less. If a Scientologist leaves Scientology, their spouse and children disconnect. Fair Game occurs during the divorce and child support arrangements. Several fathers have been jailed through Scientology's manipulation of the legal system.

E-Meter. The E-meter measures galvanic skin response (changes in skin resistance). In contrast, the so-called "lie detector" measures GSR and five other responses, and is still inadmissible in court. The E-meter may appear to lend scientific respectability to auditing, but it is completely inadequate for the task.


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