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OT8 secrets forced out of me in deposition
Michael Pattinson, OT8 completion, 2001.

"I could not believe that he would forcibly get me to reveal the truth (and nothing but the truth) about the OT Level "Truth Revealed" publicly! ..."
Kent Affidavit,
Dr. Stephen Kent, 2000.

"In Scientology [Hubbard] developed teachings about past lives (including ones in different galaxies) more than he had in his initial Dianetics system."
Stacy Brooks' Perspective on Auditing,
Stacy Brooks, 2000.

Hubbard borrowed from a number of different schools when he put together the lower levels of auditing. Dianetics and the Grades are basically a simple form of regression therapy."
Thumbnail Sketch of NOTs 1-55,

"This is a summary of the materials used as the basis for New Era Dianetics for OT's (NOTs). It makes up OT Levels IV through VII. These levels seek to uncover even more BT's stuck to a person. It has previously been posted on the Internet. [NOTE: The actual materials are copyrighted and may not be reproduced or transmitted]."
Jesse Prince discusses his NOTs experience,
Jesse Prince, 2000.

I spent sixteen years in the Sea Org. For twelve of those years I was what they call a technical person, or techie. To be a techie in Scientology means you are involved in auditing preclears, training auditors and course supervisors, or correcting Scientologists who misapply L. Ron Hubbard's auditing tech."
Fishman Affidavit(paraphrased),
Karin Spaink, 1996.

"This homepage is approved of by court. It has thereby become the world's first legal Fishman Homepage."
RTC confirms in a court of law that the Fishman Affidavit contains OT material.
Operating Thetan Summary and Analysis,
Michael Robinson, 1995.

"I have created this summary and analysis of the OT materials [in the Fishman Affidavit] to aid those persons who ... have found the OT materials themselves too burdensome."
Dennis Erlich, Perry Scott, 1995.

An e-mail exchange with a former staff member who ensured that auditors at Scientology's premiere facility performed exactly as Hubbard instructed.
OT III Scholarship Page,
Dr. David S. Touretzky, 1997.

Space Opera as Theology: Scientology's OT III
The first page of OT-III, hand-written by Hubbard. RTC verifies authenticity via legal threat.
A Scientific scrutiny of OT 3,
Peter Forde, B. Sc., 1994.

"My paper checks Hubbard's statement against the known geological record for the time, finding that nearly all of the listed locations didn't exist then and that other available evidence contradicts the general story."

Scientology Doctrine

Advanced Technology

Fishman Affidavit

In 1995, the mysterious and secret Advanced Technology , which includes Operating Thetan ("OT") and New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans ("NOTs"), began appearing on a.r.s. Steven Fishman, an ex-scientologist, was suing the "Church" of Scientology for mental damages. To support his case that Scientology can cause insanity, Fishman submitted excerpts from many of the OT (Operating Thetan) levels in what came to be known as "The Fishman Affidavit". While the "Church" of Scientology scrambled to seal the affidavit from public view, several copies of the court documents were obtained, which then found their way onto the a.r.s and then people's web pages.

The "Church" of Scientology, in the guise of the Religious Technology Corporation promptly sued several people for copyright violations. This undemocratic suppression of information caused a mass webpage "protest" in the Netherlands which even included one member of parliament. The Fishman Affidavit was confirmed to be a true and correct copy of the OT levels when a court clerk compared originals supplied by RTC to the Fishman Affidavit found on Karin Spaink's website. Ms. Spaink promptly paraphrased the Fishman Affidavit and RTC did not prevail. Her site has the first "legally approved" copy of the Fishman Affidavit.

The Fishman Affidavit shows Hubbard's OT Levels, as a literary work, to be poor science fiction at best, and mind-numbing rote drill at worst. Many of the drills revolve around simplistic black/white either/or constructs which invariably are part of a mind-control regime done to the Scientologist by evil beings millenia ago. Thus, the Scientologist learns that they are never responsible for present failures; bad things happen today because of injuries in Past Lives which committed by people with fantastic mental minipulation powers.

OT-III is a clear line of demarcation ("The Wall of Fire") in the Scientology system. Prior to OT-III, the Scientologist performs exercises which are meant to increase the their awareness and sharpen their powers of observation (OT I: "spot a person") and unburdening them of mental "implants" (OTII: Goals Problems Mass). OT-III recalls a galactic disaster in the distant past that was caused by an evil emperor named "Xenu" who subjected us to more mental "implants", causing weaker spirits (thetans) to inhabit our bodies and cause us trouble to this day. OT-IV stabilizes the OT-III results, while OT-V through VII deal with the development of paranormal powers such as manipulation of matter, controlled out-of-body experiences, and causing changes in inanimate objects, animals, and even people and their thoughts.

Pre-OTIII and GPMs

OT I and II increases the thetan's awareness by sharpening their powers of observation (OT I: "spot a person") and unburdening them of implants (OTII: Goals Problems Mass). This e-mail exchange with Dennis Erlich discusses some of the theory behind GPMs and OT levels. [Note: Dennis, an OT VII, held the post of Chief Cram Officer, Flag Land Base. A "Cram Officer" oversees remedial training of OT-level auditors. Flag Land Base is Scientology's premier training facility. This post could be characterized as the highest technical position attainable in Scientology.]


OT III contains the "creation story" of Scientology. There are two major events in Scientology, aptly named Incident I and Incident II. Incident I deals with the creation of this universe by bored thetans who suddenly agree upon one of many realities: Note that there is no God or other divine intervention. Thetans (spirits that inhabit you and me) simply agreed upon reality and it came into being. The shock of creation caused spiritual trauma to some thetans, even rendering them unconcious to the present day. To make it painfully obvious, Hubbard is saying that all of us are God - we've just forgotten how to be omnipotent.

Incident II details Earth's further degradation and entanglement with implants. It details how an evil galactic space tyrant named Xenu solved an overpopulation problem 75 million years ago by:

Since there were no higher level beings on Earth 75 million years ago, these disembodied spirits began inhabiting lower life forms, climbing the evolutionary chain to the bodies of primitive apes, passed from generation to generation to present-day man. Over time, these spirits degraded. They forgot their former abilities, went to sleep, took drugs (don't ask how), or grouped themselves together into clusters that thought they were one spirit, based on their common memories. Because there were more spirits than bodies, some of them became content to control a single body part, such as an elbow or knee. Hubbard, in the NOTs, intimates that psychosomatic illness is caused by these spirits attacking the only body part over which they have control, causing localized pain.

The OT levels are primarily aimed at reattaining our pre-Incident-I God-like state. Much of the emphasis is on ridding ourselves of these thetans (or Body Thetans, or simply abbreviated "BTs"). These spiritual parasites infest our bodies, cause us pain, confuse us with counter-intent, and generally prevent us from being God. The OT levels are about the exorcism of BTs and clusters.

The method of exorcism is to contact the BT, ask its name, relate Incident I, and then Incident II. At some point during the process, the BT is supposed to realize "I'm me!", that is, that he is independent of the thetan controlling the body of the Scientologist, departing to presumably pick up another body at the local maternity ward. This process continues until there are no more BTs to contact. In higher OT levels, the Scientologist finds out that some of the BTs are unconcious, on drugs, or asleep. There are procedures for exorcising these BTs as well, involving increasing the awareness of the Scientologist in his search for BTs.

According to HCOB 23.9.78 I, "The EP [End Phenomena, completion] of the Rundown is when: the Pre-OT has a transparent body and a clear area around it to some distance (barring perception of other people's difficulties) and when he realizes he is alive and very much himself."

Ariane Jackson, OT8 completion, posted this summary of OT8 to a.r.s. Ariane, whose native tongue is French, answered some followup questions posed by Roger Gonnet, who has graciously translated to English. Other ex-OT8s (those who leave the "Church" are stripped of their "spiritual" credentials) have confirmed Ariane's account.

Ariane also mentions that the OT5 in Fishman is no longer valid. Likewise, an inflammatory version of OT8 (labelled the "pedophile OT8" because it contains a statement that Jesus was "a lover of young boys" and "prone to fits of temper") may have also been an early version which is no longer used. This indicates that RTC occasionally reworks the upper levels. Researchers should state the timeframe of the material being discussed.

The Advanced Technology also includes the "L"s (lists) - L10, L11, and L12. These are lists of questions upon which a person is audited. The L10 Rundown is reported to have an "8th [God] Dynamic Sec[urity] Check" for those who profess a religion rather than Scientology.

The "Church" of Scientology is absolutely rabid about protecting the secrecy of the NOTs, through scorched-earth litigation based on copyright and trade secret law. People, both general public and lower-level Scientologists, are prevented from seeing this material because the "Church" demands hundreds of thousands of dollars to reveal this "spiritual technology". Latest estimates are $365,000 (not a typo!) to advance through OT VIII, the highest level. At these rates, only the idle rich can afford spiritual salvation, Scientology-style.

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