From: (Martin Hunt)
Subject: Re: Announce: Christian/Scientology Incompatibilty page
X-Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Date: Fri, 28 Mar 1997 21:24:25 -0800
Organization: Xenu Inc.

I have several files on this area you might be interested in. I didn't see the 8th Dynamic sec check mentioned, so you might want to add this:

[taken from an email from an ex-scn]

When I was in the Sea Org, I got many krs on my belief in major world religions. I was given an 8th dynamic Sec. Check Rundown, and they gave me the list (there were a choice of two lists, one for scienos, and one for wogs who believed in a God). I was shocked and dissapointed at how stupid the list was and how stupid they must have thought people were, and how stupid whoever wrote the list was! I believe these lists are in the Ls but correct me please if I'm wrong. Scienos who wrote this list had no clue how to approach a sec check on the 8th dynamic!

The eighth dynamic sec-check was written by a person who was really retarded on the eighth dynamic. I believe it is done right before one has the Ls 10 rundown, step four. There is one for scientolgists and one for non-scientologists.

Some questions from the non-scn one (from memory):

The eighth dynamic for scientologists is much more sane like: I'm sure I was not the only one to be audited this way. I don't know if the eighth dynamic sec check for scientologists was ever used on anyone, but my instincts say it has. Copyright is for 1962.

In the sea org, I was called to qual for questioning on my being in a different religion. It was explained to me that I can't be both, in belief. Then, when I had the Int. rundown, the very last commands run on me were Q's about my religion. Next thing I knew, I was in Ethics Trouble. I had always been very open about my religion, but I still have the krs on my saying I was in a certain other religion.

[end excerpt from ex-scn]


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