Looking for a job?

Here is a list of links that are helpful if you're looking for work. Good luck in your search!

www.1-jobs.com job search, career and recruitment site ... apparently taken over by Brass Ring.
www.4work.com well organized, 3000+ in IT, management, marketing, volunteer, and internship "Find A Job" |
Boolean search (AND, OR, NOT)
www.americasemployers.com pointer to net-temps boolean search (AND, OR, NOT)
www.jobsearch.org http://www.jobsearch.org/CO
America's Job Bank, integrates state employment offices, 900,000 active job opportunities Clunky interface; set up reports
www.brassring.com technology information and career portal
www.careersite.com 4000 listings, intuitive smartmatch job search engine
www.dice.com technical jobs
www.employment911.com employment meta-site
www.flipdog.com comprehensive site
www.headhunter.net 250,000 updated listings from recruiters
www.hotjobs.com search by keyword, location & company
www.jobwizard.com make a video resume, virtual cover letters and job search
largest, best known Select location (WY, too!)
Boolean: "|", "&"
www.net-temps.com 800 employment agency's jobs across US
www.recruitersonline.com 7000 recruiter's job postings
www.resourcesconnection.com project work for finance, acctng, IT and HR limited to Las Vegas, Boston, and a few other cities.
www.techies.com technical jobs, bid for on-line training


www.usajobs.com IT, health care, legal & government jobs
www.usajobs.opm.gov Government Jobs
www.gssa.state.co.us State of Colorado InfoTech

If you find this list useful and know of other links that belong here, feel free to send mail to me.