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Subject: Re: hubbard says christianity is an implant
Date: Mon, 22 Jul 1996 10:06:46 +0200
Message-ID: (Steve Whitlatch) wrote:
>       From the Fable, anyone have the PABs to check this?
>In the 1950's, Hubbard wrote a series of newsletters about his technical
>"discoveries" and called them PABS (Professional Auditor Bulletins). In PAB
>31 Hubbard writes: "Religion does much to keep the assumption in
>restimulation, being basically a control mechanism used by those who have
>sent the preclear into a body. You will find the cross as a symbol all over
>the universe, and the Christ legend as implant in preclears a million years

That PAB was not included in the "Technical Volumes". However, in 1973 the Publications Organization in Denmark (old name for New Era Publications Denmark) published the complete PAB (Professional Auditor's Bulletin) series - with the exception of No. 27 which was said to have been replaced by an HCO B dated June 20, 1972. At the time I was in Denmark on my few months stay in the C-org and where I helped putting the 6 PAB booklets together.

PAB 31, with an issued date of 23rd July, 1954, and entitled "Duplication", has a few further viewpoints concerning Christianity. ElRon, under subtitle "Plan of Auditing", says that recent emphasis has been "on making operating thetans operate better." He then goes on to say:

        "A few operating thetans - scarcity - could lead to trouble. Witness
        the chaos resulting from the activities and other-determinism
        technology of one operating thetan 2,000 years ago.

        "It is despicable and utterly beneath contempt to tell a man he must
        repent, that he is evil. Those who talk most about peace on earth and
        good-will among men themselves carry forward the seeds of unrest,
        war and chaos. Shut up the second Dynamic and make it scarce and
        wonder why the divorce rate soars! Make MEST scarce, especially in
        its prettier forms and wonder why criminality becomes rife. "We
        want peace on earth, therefor everybody must become abject." You
        can never have peace with apathy, only with strong men."

So Christ was an operating thetan, alas one not approved of by ElRon. It is indeed strange how scientology can say they are not at odds with Christianity when you read the above. Other-determinism technology is scientologese, meaning to say that Christianitiy believes in God as the creator of the universe and being the guiding force in it.

After the quote by Steve Whitlach, ElRon goes into his technique of handling the "cross":

        "TECHNIQUE. Have the pc handle crosses and black crosses. Mock up
        a cross, mock up his body and nail it on the cross. Then turn the
        cross into a man's body, into a black body, into a baby's body. Mock
        up a body standing with arms outstretched, mock up another body
        nailed to the first one. Anyone got tootchache? This is the
        assumption operation - between lives stuff."

I invite some oldtimers to explain this technique to us so we can understand the purpose of it.

It is well worth to quote in this context another, earlier "church", defined in the "Administrative Dictionary" and quoted from tape lecture 5410C04 (4th of October 1954, 8th ACC, first lecture, "Introduction: Organization of Scientology" - does anyone out there have the tape?):

        "CHURCH OF AMERICAN SCIENCE: there is a difference between the
         Church of American Science and the Church of Scientology. The
         Church of American Science is a Christian religion. It believes in
         the Holy Bible, Jesus is the Savior of man and everything that's
         necessary to be a Christian religion. People who belong to that
         church are expected to be Christians. These two churches fit
         together. We take somebody in as a Church of American Science. It
         doesn't disagree with his babtism or other things like that, and he
         could gradually slide over into some sort of better, wider activity
         such as the Church of Scientology and a little more wisdom and come
         a little more close to optimum. Then if he was good and one of the
         people that we would like to have around he would eventually slide
         into the HASI. So we have provided stepping stones to Scn with these

" ... and everything that's necessary to be a Christian religion ..."??? It would seem obvious to me that ElRon played with "church" corporations as if they were just a business outfit. Elron's "Christian" church my view was nothing but a tool to get people into Scn. Is that the true purpose of a church? Wouldn't this be sort of like the man from the tobacco company giving cigarette-like-looking candy bars to kids and then "if the kid was good and one of the people that we would like to have around" one day give him a "true candy bar" and tell him not to eat it but smoke it?

On the 18th of December 1953, 9 1/2 months before the above quoted lecture, the "Church of American Science" was founded by ElRon in Camden, New Jersey. (Same date that he founded "The Church of Scientology" and "The Church of Spiritual Engineering".) The articles of incorporation state as its purpose:

        "The purpose for which this corporation is founded is to act as the
        Mother Church for the propagation of a religious faith known as
        "Scientology". Believing that Man's best Evidence of God is the God
        he finds within himself, and trusting with Enduring Faith that the
        Author of this Universe intended Life to thrive within it, the Church
        of American Science is founded to espouse such evidence of the
        Supreme Being and Spirit as may be knowable to Man and by their
        use the Church of American Science hopes to bring greater
        tranquility to the State and better order and survival to Man upon
        this planet."

So there is an "Author" of the universe. Doesn't he have a company on earth serving him? -> Author Services Inc.? :)

TOm Voltz

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