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" a practical matter Scientologists are expected to and do become fully devoted to Scientology to the exclusion of other faiths",

Scientology and Judaism

No other Gods before Me

Scientology, through auditing, seeks to unburden man from his reactive mind, allowing him to attain God-like powers. This end is not compatible with Judaism, both in tradition and in Law. It is probably not by coincidence that the first commandment given to Moses (Exodus 20:1) is "I am the LORD your God who brought you out of bondage in Egypt. You shall have no other gods before me." Thus, the worship of self by making oneself into a god ala Scientology is forbidden by the Law.

The history of the Israelites, from Exodus to Kings, contains many examples of false gods, and the consequences of worshipping them. The Golden Calf. The utter destruction of the false gods of Jericho and Canaan. The temptations of the false gods of Babylon. The desecration of the Temple by Antiochus Epiphanes during the Maccabean period. Throughout history, the Israelites differentiated themselves as a culture from the Gentiles through steadfast worship of one God.

Scientology has been criticized for its emphasis on money. Internally, Scientology uses money as a statistic for many measures of success - gross income, donations by IAS members, the size of the "war chest", the size of Sea Org reserves, etc. HCO PL 9 Mar 1972 contains the instructions: "MAKE MONEY.... MAKE MORE MONEY.... GET OTHERS TO MAKE MONEY. Scientology's worship of money and possessions (graven images of heaven, earth or sea) is idolatry and a direct violation of the Law in Exodus 20.

While Scientology officially denies it, L. Ron Hubbard is venerated to near-deity status. Even though Hubbard is dead, every Org has an office for him, just in case he returns. There is a picture of him in every Scientology Org. Shouts of "hip hip hooray" (the closest Scientology ever comes to "worship") are directed at it. To advance in Scientology, one must study Hubbard's words (and there are a lot of them compared to the Torah), which competes for the Scientologist's time sometimes to the exclusion of all other study.

Knowledge is only from God

Scientology is a systematic revealing (or gnosis) of mystical knowledge whereby the thetan's powers are unlocked. Jewish tradition teaches that knowledge, especially spiritual knowledge, comes from the LORD alone. The prophets, both major and minor, are shown as having knowledge from God, and not of themselves. For example, the Book of Daniel contains examples in nearly every chapter that the power and knowledge of God, as revealed through Daniel, is superior to the false gods of the Chaldeans and Babylonians. The Chaldeans and magicians are repeatedly unable to interpret dreams, solve riddles, or prophesy like Daniel who speaks the word of the LORD.

Hubbard dabbled in Middle Eastern magic with the OTO and Golden Dawn, and some of the conepts were incorporated into Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health. Bits and pieces of Chaldean magic as recorded in Daniel creates a background of mysticism in Scientology. (More on the OTO and Golden Dawn in the Christianity section).


If the Jewish creation account is contrasted with that of Scientology (Incident 1), the Operating Thetan levels can be seen as an attempt to undo the effects of mankind's progressive downward spiral and re-establish the thetan's latent powers over MEST. In Jewish terms, the Scientologist seeks to be God of Creation. Genesis 3:4-6 records Mankind's first sin - the sin of wanting to be gods: Scientology holds that many gods (thetans) brought the world into being by mutual agreement. These thetans are not to be worshipped, since everyone is a thetan. Judaism holds that heavens and earth were created by the LORD alone. The LORD is to be served to the exclusion of all other gods.

The Sabbath

Scientology does not recognize a Sabbath for its staff. Again, the emphasis is on "production" and money. This is a direct violation of the Law of Moses.


While Scientology teaches that people have been reincarnated billions of times, there is no such tradition in the Torah.

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