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Scientology and Islam

Scientology publicly claims that people can practice Scientology and religion of choice at the same time. This is only an "acceptable truth" [1] for public relations purposes and getting people to join Scientology. The introductory book "What is Scientology?" states: Scientology further states: Scientology claims that it is compatible with other religions: In truth, the advanced levels of Scientology teach that all religions are the result of mental implants[5]. Prior to founding the Dianetics movement, L. Ron Hubbard studied Occult Magick[6] in an attempt to achieve power. Hubbard came to believe that thetans (everyone) could become God by ridding themselves of the mental implants that prevented them from achieving that goal.

Prior to founding Scientology, Hubbard gave a lecture entitled "What's Wrong with This Universe: A Working Package for the Auditor" on December 9, 1952. In it, Hubbard describes some of the "between lives" implants that supposedly occur to us after we die and before we reincarnate. One of these implants, called "The Emanator", is supposedly the origin of Islam. Hubbard claims that The Emanator was the source of the "Mohammedan Lodestone". Hubbard further describes the Prophet Muhammad as a small town booster that mocked up [made up] Islam only because business wasn't good in his hometown. [7]

Further, Muslims respect and love Jesus. See Quran, 3:45, 4:171, 19:16-33, 21:91. Islam teaches that Jesus was a true and genuine messenger of God. See Quran, 61:14. The Quran rebukes those who reject Jesus. See Quran, 2:87, 4:156-158. Muslims believe in the miracles that Jesus performed by God's leave. See Quran, 5:110.

The Quran states:

In contrast, the Church of Scientology teaches in its secret Class 8 Auditor's [ministerial] class that, like Islam, Christianity is the result of an evil memory "implant" designed to control people. [8] Hubbard goes on to state that there was no Jesus, and that Christianity is based on watching the behavior of madmen. In Class 8, Lecture 10, Hubbard states that the leaders of the Christian Church used brainwashing, invented Christ, and siezed power.

Scientology's admits that its promise that there is no "necessity to leave your current . . . mosque." is a lie. In its application for tax exempt status, the Church of Scientology told the IRS:

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    • "Handling truth is a touchy business ... Tell an acceptable truth."
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Hubbard Maligns Islam

These three quotes occur in succession in Whats Wrong with this Universe: A Working Package for the Auditor, L. Ron Hubbard, 9 Dec 1952. Real Audio [114KB] .wav[560KB]

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