Scientology Training Routines

Summary by Dennis Erlich

Severe Editting by Perry Scott

OT TR0 Confronting

Sit with eyes closed for hours, not moving or twitching, "confronting" coach.

TR 0 Confronting

Sit with eyes open for hours, not moving or twitching, "confronting" coach.

For this drill, some hours without any reaction is a pass, 2 hrs recommended.

TR 0 Bullbait

Sit with eyes open for hours, not moving laughing or twitching, "confronting" coach while s/he tries in every way to make you react.

TR 1 Dear Alice

Student reads dialogue from Alice in Wonderland at coach until they can get the comm across without embarrassment.

TR 2 Dear Alice, acknowledgement

Coach reads dialogue at the student and he must acknowledge (stop) what the coach said using one of the following "acks": okay, good, thank you, alright, or fine.

TR 3 Repetitive questions

Student asks coach repetitively, "Do birds fly?" or "Do fish swim?" Coach tries not to answer. Student repeats the question using this repeater phrase, verbatum: "I will repeat the auditing question." Continued until the student knows he will be asked questions until he answers them. Coach tries to physically leave the "session" and the student must restrain the coach and place him or her back in the chair, and repeat the same question until answered. Drill is passed when student can always get his questions answered.

TR 4 Repetitive questions with "case" information

Same as TR 3 but coach mixes the comments with important "case" information like, "My foot suddenly started hurting." and "I'm getting upset, let's stop." Student has to get the coach to continue using stuff like "Oh that's pretty normal, lets just continue and see what happens. I'll repeat the auditing question. *Do* birds fly?"

Upper Indoctrination TRs.

TR 5 Hand Mimicry [obsolete since ~1965]

Auditor and student are seated closely enough for auditor's knees to be locked outside the hypnotic subject's. The auditing command is: "PUT YOUR HANDS AGAINST MINE, FOLLOW THEM AND CONTRIBUTE TO THEIR MOTION."

TR5 was first used as a CCH process. (CCH = Control, Communication and Havingness, another LRH triangle.) In early 1957?, the TRs issued from HCO were used as Processes.

Later that year, LRH changed TR5 to an obscure process that is only used if the subject will not cooperate with the processing. "SEAT THAT BODY IN THAT CHAIR!". In order to process a person you must get them to sit still for it, as LRH repeatedly wrote. In 1958 LRH reissued TR5 with a bit of fine tuning. "YOU MAKE THAT BODY SIT IN THAT CHAIR!" was the new command.

TR 6 Start, Change, Stop

Student walks coach around like a robot, in constant physical contact. The student physically makes the coach's body start, change direction and stop with the student forcibly controlling the coach's body into doing those things. Sometimes called High School Indoc.

TR 7 Tone 40 Intention

These exact commands and acknowledgements are given to the coach with Tone 40 Intention (intention without reservation or limit). The coach's body is then forced, by being physically restrained and dragged if necessary, to comply with the command. Coach does not do more than physically thwart the student from forcing him to comply. But not too hard.

TR8 Tone 40 on objects

Trying to make the ashtray STAND UP. Student gives Tone 40 command "STAND UP!". Tone 40 acknowledges with "THANK YOU!". "SIT DOWN!". "THANK YOU!." Repeat until cognition (about an hour).

TR9 Tone 40 with Bullbait

TR7 with verbal bullbait by coach. Student uses physical enforcement to assure compliance. The auditor is trained for situations in which a PCs want to blow the auditing session.